Private Sound Therapy

Give Sound Therapy a try! This is a vibrational massage for both body and mind.  It can be done sitting in a chair or lying down on a massage table. Through relaxing breathing techniques, and skilled playing of the Gong and other ancient healing instruments, you will be gently guided into a state of total relaxation, introspection - a state of lucid dreaming and natural healing. If you've never experienced this, you won't believe how rejuvenating it is until you experience it yourself. You can also choose to incorporate Reiki energy healing techniques with your sound therapy if you wish. You can visit Alan in his home studio near the San Clemente pier or he can travel to you if you prefer. If you desire the use of the larger gongs during your therapy session, this will need to be done in Alan's home studio. Alan does  bring a smaller wind gong to off site locations. Email Alan  at or call / text him at (949) 429-9134 for additional details on availability and to discuss the customization of your experience. You can also find him on FB and Instagram @alphayogaoc . 

Cost is $50 / 30 minutes, $75 / 60 minutes, $100 / 90 minutes if session takes place in Alan's home studio. Alan will travel up to 15 miles to a location of your choice for an additional $25.